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Planned Giving – Sharing your legacy

Remembering Saint Mary’s In Your Financial Planning

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Why should we consider Planned Giving?

Planned Giving offers you an opportunity to give to Saint Mary’s Church in your financial planning. We cannot forecast the future but it is reassuring to know that your legacy will be used to secure the Episcopal Church of Saint Mary for the future generations.

There are also tax benefits for you and your family. It is possible to provide for your family while providing for the Church.

Giving is Love. We consider you a member of Saint Mary’s family. As we have provided a spiritual home for you, we ask now that you consider caring for the family of Saint Mary’s.

Please call the parish office at 207 781-3366 for more information with making decision and please consider us while firming your life’s inheritance. All inquiries will be held in strictest confidence.

There are many options from which one can choose:

  1. Provide for the church by a provision in your will.
  2. Tangible Gifts such as real estate or objects in your home.
  3. Retirement Funds: provide for Saint Mary’s from IRA, 401k, 403b or other qualified pension funds.
  4. Life Insurance: name Saint Mary’s as beneficiary of a new or existing policy.
  5. Charitable Gift Annuity: you receive guaranteed lifetime annuity from the church, and the church receives the remaining assets upon your death.
  6. Charitable Remainder Trust: you will be able to receive income for life while making a major gift through the Episcopal Church Foundation.
  7. Charitable Lead Trust: Saint Mary’s can receive income for a specified term, after which the assets are returned to the donor or the donor’s heirs.

Consult with your legal adviser, bank or financial planner. We can recommend someone if you need advice. Planned Giving can help assure the future work of Saint Mary’s.

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