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Lenten Community Project

2016 Lent web banner jpgAs Lent begins with Ash Wednesday on February 10, all Saint Marians will be invited to participate in an exploration of what it means to develop and live by a “Rule of Life”. This is a way for all of us to clarify our most important values and commitments and to express them in our daily lives. With the Holy Spirit’s guidance, Christians have been developing and using Rules since the early days of the Church. For this year’s Lenten Community Project, we will all have the opportunity to explore this approach to spiritual disciplines individually and in group settings.

How can you participate?

  1. Pick-up your copy of the workbook at Saint Mary’s, or order it on-line through (search for “Growing a Rule of Life”), or download a free PDF copy at
  2. Go to and sign-up to receive a daily email with a brief video and a question. Watch the video each day in Lent and reflect on the question. Use a journal to record your thoughts, if this helps.
  3. Experiment with FASTING at least one meal each week. Yes, everyone can do this! Use the time to pray instead of cooking, eating and cleaning. Bring the food that you would have eaten (or its equivalent) to Saint Mary’s for our Falmouth Food Pantry collection.
  4. Join one of these Lenten Small Groups who will meet once a week for 6 weeks to discuss Growing a Rule of Life:
    1. Oceanview Group: Thursday afternoons at 3 PM (starting Feb. 11)
    2. Nathan’s Group: Sunday afternoons at 4 PM (starting Feb. 14)
    3. Coffee Hour Check-In: Sundays at 9:15 AM (starting Feb. 14)
    4. Wisdom Seekers: Tuesday mornings at 10:30 AM (starting Feb. 16)
  5. Share your insights and join the global conversation about this project by using #growrule at your favorite social media site.
  6. Come to one of our Neighborhood Foyer Groups on March 9 or 10 to discuss how our Rule of Life shapes our approach to time. More details to come soon on these groups.

Intention is perhaps the most powerful force among human beings. It is an expression of our will, our desire, our longing. I look forward to exploring together how we shape our daily lives by intention in our response to the Holy Spirit. Please share this with everyone you know! Anyone can participate in this project, and even those who are a bit “afraid of church” can learn and grow through use of the workbook.

This is going to be fun, interesting and challenging. Which is exactly what Lent ought to be!

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