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Our Leaders

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Annual Report for 2019

Our Rector (Pastor): The Reverend Nathan Ferrell  

Saint Mary's 10th Rector

Saint Mary’s 10th Rector






Our Deacon: The Reverend Christine Bennett 






Our Organist and Choirmaster: Bruce Fithian bruce_fithian







Our Director of Youth Christian Formation: Megan Akers







Our Parish Manager: Beth Shaw  beth_shaw







Our Senior Warden: Jim Kane  Jim Kane





Our Junior Warden: Janet Bowne

Janet Bowne





Our 2019 Vestry – elected by the parish 

Nathan Ferrell, Rector
Jim Kane, Sr. Warden
Janet Bowne, Jr. Warden
Bill Gowen,  Treasurer

Ed Ainsworth
Sandy Couch-Kelly
Darren Clark
Stan Eaton
Peter Fitch
Matt Fulton
Maggie Gardner
Jessica LaPlante
Jan Mordarski
Aaron Splint
Len Taylor
Jan Wentling



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