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Lent Small Groups

5 for 5 in Lent: 

Five Small Groups for Five Weeks

(beginning the week of February 22)

 As part of our VISION 2014 commitment to “invite more adults into small groups for Bible study and theological reflection”, EVERYONE IS INVITED to join one of 5 small groups meeting for 5 weeks in the season of Lent.

If you have never been part of a small Bible study group before, then make this the time to try something new! THIS is our special Lent program. It is a commitment to grow spiritually and to grow in community.

These five are geographically distributed to make it more convenient for all, but feel free to join the one that best suits your schedule.

Call one of the leaders listed below TODAY to let them know that you’ll join their group! Click on the HERE link to find the location for each study!

1. Sunday afternoons (4 pm) in Yarmouth:  Study of “Freeway” (led by Fr. Nathan – cell 310-0268). The house location is  HERE.

2. Monday evenings (7 pm) in Scarborough: Study of “Being Christian” (led by Fr. Jim Low – cell 205-5622). The house location is HERE.

3. Tuesday mornings (11 am) at Saint Mary’s: Study of “Being Christian” (led by Deacon Christine – cell 653-2448). At the Parish House, which is located HERE.

4. Tuesday afternoons (3:30 pm) in West Falmouth: Study of the Epistle of James (led by Jane Stegemann – cell 252-8272). The house location is HERE.

5. Wednesday evenings (7 pm) in Falmouth: Study of the Epistle of James (led by Meg Hurdman – cell 400-9011). The house location is HERE.


Freeway is a group process designed to open us to the awareness, forgiveness and freedom that God brings into our lives. It uses group video segments and individual workbooks FMI: see .

Being Christian is a book by former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams about the basic practices of the Christian life. Bishop Stephen Lane has invited the entire Diocese of Maine to study this book in Lent. All participants will be invited to join our Bishop on March 25 or 26 in a live stream web discussion of the book.

The Epistle of James groups will use Mark A. Copeland’s course of study of this biblical book which speaks of handling trials and temptations, understanding the relation between faith and works, the proper use of the tongue and display of wisdom, and the value of humility, patience and prayer.

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