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Outreach at Saint Mary’s


Our Outreach Committee leads our efforts to serve those in need far away and close to home. We offer many opportunities for parishioners to become engaged in concrete and hands-on ways. Ongoing projects include:
– Mission Mornings
– Falmouth Food Pantry
– Welcome, New Mainers
– Institution Univers in Haiti
– Milestone Recovery
– Long Creed Youth Development Center
– Saint Elizabeth’s Jubilee Center
– Souper Suppers

our 2013 missionaries

Several parishioners have traveled to Haiti to teach and mentor students in 2011, 2013 and 2016.  Fellow parishioners are called to participate through prayer, education and other forms of support as we build this mission’s foundation.

You are warmly invited to join your fellow parishioners as we join together to live the tenets of our faith by participating in any of these endeavors, and the Outreach Committee welcomes your suggestions for future mission opportunities.

Committee members: Judith Brooks, Betsy Elliman, Margaret Fast, Marian McCue (Chairperson) & Becky Pride

Our most Recent Outreach Brochure

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