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Our Mission

We Are The Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement (watch this video from the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, The Right Reverend Michael Curry)


Why Do We Do What We Do?

At The Episcopal Church of Saint Mary, we are building authentic, vibrant, Christ-centered community as we …

  • Celebrate the goodness of God and the gift of life,
  • Honor the presence of Christ in one another,
  • Serve the world in the power of the Holy Spirit

Our Four Growth Directions (established in 2016)

  • Grow our Engagement with Children and Youth
  • Grow our Intentional Opportunities for Deeper Connection with God and One Another
  • Grow in Compassionate Care for Those Who Are Struggling
  • Grow in Welcoming Those Who Are Seeking God

As a parish of The Episcopal Church, we are part of the worldwide Anglican Communion that includes approximately 85 million people in 165 different nations. We find our unity in the shared heritage of the Church of England. To be Anglican means to be in concrete relationship (literally, in communion) with the Archbishop of Canterbury who has exercised spiritual oversight of the English church since the year 597 AD.

The Episcopal Church is the only authentic expression of the Anglican Communion within the United States of America, even though we do not use the word “Anglican” in our name. This is due to the historical situation after the Revolutionary War. Our congregations continued to worship and serve after the Revolution, however it was crucial that we declare our national allegiance to the new United States rather than to the King of England. The use of the word “Episcopal” at our first Convention in Philadelphia in 1789 was intended to express our continuity with the ancient Anglican tradition while distinguishing ourselves from the Church of England whose official head is the Crown. A number of our nation’s founding fathers were also participants in this first Convention which took place at historic Christ Church in Philadelphia where President George Washington attended the divine liturgy.

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